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Solar Financing

Energy Solar works with the most reputable partners in the market to offer a range of solar panel financing packages. You can still enjoy the advantages without making a financial commitment if you're interested in financing your solar system or battery storage.

It makes sense if the high price tag on solar panels causes you to hesitate if you're in the market for them. When purchased all together, residential solar panels will run homeowners about $16,000. Solar panel installation can actually cost up to $35,000, but thanks to rebates and a sizable federal tax benefit, the price is reduced to almost half.

Although going solar is undoubtedly a significant investment, it can result in decreased power rates. If you're considering switching to alternative energy to power your home, our solar financing guide will explain your alternatives for covering the costs.

Rebates and programs to suit your financial needs.

Our staff at Energy Solar has experience assisting individuals, families, businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations to grasp the big picture and strike a balance between energy savings and cash flow.

For this reason, we provide solar panel financing solutions and assist you in obtaining all relevant programs and subsidies to meet your financial requirements.

Financing Solar Panels Checklist:

We make it easy for you to find the best financing solution for your needs. When you choose a financing program with Energy Solar, you will experience the industry’s best process, which includes:

  • Required credit check

  • Apply fast online

  • Customized programs

  • Flexible terms

  • 0$ money down option

  • Get the most out of your solar project investment to help expand your home energy project.


Solar Financing Options

There are three primary ways to pay for solar:

  1. with a cash purchase,

  2. with a solar loan,

  3. with a solar lease/power purchase agreement.

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